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For a turnkey real estate investment

Pack Tax Amortization

Are you looking for performance an tax optimisation above all ?

Does the idea of completely renovating a building scare you? You’re right: invest in an empty building to renovate with We Jump’s turnkey services to significantly reduce your future taxes. We take care of everything up to management of your properties .

• Data analysis on the rental tension of the city + market price.
• Introduction of a reliable works solution.
• Introduction of a rental and accounting management solution.

Fees : Contact us

Empty buildings to renovate


Potential net profitability

6 to 8 %

Tax Amortization

Buildings with tenants​


Immediate Return

Potential net profitability

7 to 9 %

Pack Immediate Return

Looking for additional income without waiting and without work ?

 This type of project allows you to know, even before acquiring the building, the precise profitability of the project. No waiting time to find tenants and you receive income immediately.

• Diligent verification of all the important aspects related to the legal acquisition process (diagnoses, co-ownership regulations, suspensive clauses of the compromise, etc.).

• Data analysis on the yield and the rental market to ensure the sustainability of the project.

Fees : 5 % of the property price

Pack Patrimonial Premium

Are you looking for a secure investment for a possible return to France ?

Le pack Patrimonial Premium The pack Patrimonial Premium allows you to secure your future roof in France and save on future rents or even gain long-term added value upon resale.

• Assistance in choosing the location on site according to the concierge solution present.
• Assistance in the selection of properties according to the defined criteria.
• Establishment of the financing file presenting an estimate of the future cash flows and taxation of the project to facilitate the loan.

Fees : 2 to 3 % of the property price

Future primary or secondary residence


Potential net profitability

2 to 4 %

Pack Patrimonial Premium